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Created 18-May-12
57 photos

Spoonbill over ShapwickBattling MoorhensTwo Barnacle Geese at Catcott Lows, Somerset.Male WigeonGoldeneye in flightWigeon in flightPair of GadwallsCormorant Vs PikeCetti's Warbler at ShapwickCormorant over Westhay, Somerset.Little GrebeLittle GrebeWigeon at Catcott Lows NNR.Male Goldeneye at Catcott LowsWater Rail in the undergrowth at RSPB GreylakeFemale Shoveler with bristle detailCormorant over ShapwickCoot with chick at Langford LakesGlossy Ibis at Shapwick.Coot on the run

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