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Created 30-Apr-12
41 photos

Male Kingfisher with MinnowKingfisher on Flashgun!Adult male Kingfisher with minnow.Female Juvenile KingfisherKingfisher shakes MinnowFemale Juvenile KingfisherDiving KingfisherSupper's up for male KingfisherMale adult Kingfisher thrashes his Minnow supper!Adult male Kingfisher looking for preditorsAdult male Kingfisher with minnow.Male juvenile Kingfisher with minnow.Male adult Kingfisher erupts from the riverMale adult and male juvenile Kingfishers perching.Juvenile male Kingfisher lit with flashKingfisher with fish rising from the river.Adult male Kingfisher with minnow.Adult male Kingfisher with minnow.Male Kingfisher stretching.Male Kingfisher yawning!

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