Available 2017 Kingfisher Course Dates



Photographing Kingfishers is much more rewarding from when the adult birds pair up, through to the dispersal of the second clutch.


During March and April the birds start to nest but the photographic opportunities are difficult forecast.

In 2016 the birds didn't mate until May and sadly the first nest was destroyed by the June floods.  Such is the vulnerability of these birds.

When booking a date, also choose an alternative date if possible.


May 2017

Sadly the birds have paired up late this year and as of 3rd March still had still not constructed a nest.  Add to this the six weeks required for incubation and fledging, then May is no longer a viable option for guaranteed photography. 


June 2017

22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27.


July 2017

Sorry no courses is month.


August 2017

These dates will be released on a week by week basis due to the invasion of Duck Weed experienced on the river.



If you need accommodation, here are links to


The local Travelodge located at Podimore, at the roundabout junction between the A303 and the A37.

The Bear Inn, in Street.


Both are just a few miles from the Kingfisher site.

Hotel cancellation insurance is a must.