Ron Buck(non-registered)
Charlie Bishop is one of the finest wildlife photographers in the country.

I whole-heartedly recommend his course which is superb value. Charlie's technical and ornithological knowledge are worth double the money he charges.

Take my advice and sign-up now before all the places are booked, you won't regret it!
John Emery(non-registered)
I was trawling the web looking for good Somerset wildlife photography sites and I came accross this one. Excellent, very interesting and informative and some fantastic images. I'll be saving up to book a day with Charlie!
Andy Griffiths(non-registered)
Great images. Just looking at them whilst on sea trials in the North Sea
Tommy Iron(non-registered)
Jean Parry(non-registered)
Charlie met me at the cafe near my hotel and over tea and toast he explained the type of shots that I should be able to get and about the kingfisher's habits - putting me at ease, as I was nervous about how the day would work. When we go to the river the set up was great; the location was beautiful and the 'props' to encourage the birds to settle or fish were perfectly arranged. Once the hides were set up, Charlie went to get the fish and then the heavens opened and it rained and rained. The kingfisher came back and forward, and was waiting for Charlie to return with the fish. I did get some wonderful pictures, despite the rain and it cleared up in the afternoon for some serious photography. I've been to a few places and this was the best - I would have stayed all day and the next if I was allowed. Thank you Charlie for a great day, and I'll be back...
Carol Dyer(non-registered)
I had been looking forward to this day and it didn't disappoint. Charlie's enthusiasm was infectious and his knowledge about these beautiful birds very impressive. I am quite an inexperienced photographer but Charlie was very helpful and gave me some great help and advice and I managed to get some fantastic photos which were beyond my wildest dreams. The kingfisher was a regular visitor for me, almost like he knew I was a beginner!! This was my first sighting of a kingfisher also. Great day, great company, thank you Charlie. I will have no hesitation in recommending your course.
Col Armstrong(non-registered)
What can I say my day down by the river, well it was a fantastic day from start to finish.
Charlie met me at the place I was staying and after an explanation of the day ahead we headed off.
After a short trip, we arrived at a most beautiful place, put up our hides and waited for the kingfishers to start 'doing their stuff ' and they did not disappoint, within a few minutes the male soon turned up and off we started snapping, after the kingfisher had left I had taken 150+ shots of the most fantastic sight I have seen, Charlie was laughing at me because of the amount of pictures I had taken.
By the end of the day I had taken 500+ !!!
A great day, what could be better than a day down by a river, taking pictures of a beautiful bird and great company.
Fantastic !!
Graeme Rolf(non-registered)
Had a terrific day with Charlie who lives and breathes Kingfishers. His knowledge I would say is second to none. He carried most of the gear including both hides through the wood to a lovely tranquil site on the river bank, and set everything up. The Kingfisher paid us four visits so able to take loads of amazing photos. The distance from the perches to the hide is literally a few feet, so really sharp photos are easy if you focus correctly. I've been showing off my best photo to everyone at work, which Charlie edited and printed out for me to take home. I'll probably have it framed, it's that good!
Thanks again Charlie.
Ian Redman(non-registered)
Many thanks for sharing this unique location for the day Charlie. I can only echo the other comments you have had. I've never been so close for so long to this beautiful and interesting bird. A day filled with excitement and activity from almost the first minute until the last. I don't think I took a bad image all day such was the continual action. Well worth the rather long drive from Sussex. Long may you continue Charlie. Many thanks once again
Andy Swinbank(non-registered)
An excellent day of photography with Charlie. I can't beleive how close the kingfishers were to the hide. I used a 100-400mm lense which was all I needed. The kingfishers kept on coming back all throughout the day giving me the chance to take hundreds of photos. Thanks for an unforgettable day Charlie, I'll be booking with you again.
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